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by Shoe Digest on August 12, 2011

Guest Post by Shop Girl

I am constantly on the hunt for ways to hide my shoes.

When the Hubster and I lived in our tiny cozy two-bedroom apartment, we were constantly tripping over my our shoes. We had a shoe rack by the front door, a hanging shoe rack behind a closet door, then the rest were piled on the closet floor. Because storage space was so limited, I often tried to overlook my shoe piles as I was simply at a loss with what I should do to fix them.

I’ve always tried storing my shoes by season—so that only the shoes for the current season are out—but even that didn’t seem to help my shoe organization.

When we moved into our new home in May, I thought that all my shoe organization problems would be solved. We went from a teeny two bedroom apartment to a lovely three bedroom home, and I had it all planned out in my head: a bedroom for us, an office, and a room for my shoes.woman standing barefoot in line with her shoes

Perfect, right?

Sadly, the Hubster was less than impressed with my idea and we decided that a guest room was a better option for bedroom #3. So, back they came into our bedroom closet, and again I faced a giant pile of shoes.

So, I did what any good blogger would do: I went online. Over the years I’ve come across several amazing bloggers who, like me, either love shoes or love organization. Three of my favourites offered creative solutions to a shoe storage problem!ikea shoe storage solution is an inspiring home decor blog written by a young couple with a flair for innovative and creative ideas. They recently tackled a shoe organizational problem near an entry way and I LOVED their solution! Two IKEA storage boxes, stacked on top of each other and mounted to the wall provided a clean, sleek shoe solution that actually hid their shoes from view. Brilliant!

ikea standing shoe organization is written by Jen—a fabulous blogger with an incredible talent for finding creative, modern solutions to almost any organizational problem. She recently tackled shoe organization on her blog, and came up with several amazing ideas that could work in a variety of spaces. She found an incredible shoe storage shelf that solved all her entry way storage problems, and offers several great ideas to tidy up your closet.

Lastly, Alana is the voice behind — a shoe & fashion loving 20-something living in Boston who is always ready to say yes to a fabulous pair of shoes. Like me, she lived in a tiny apartment and sought a creative way to store her shoes. Instead of hiding away her collection, she went for a different approach: a shoe wall. She found a perfect set of shelves in her apartment and created a marvelous wall that displays her many beautiful pairs of shoes. I love the idea. After all, who says that shoes aren’t art?

I’m still trying to figure out the best way to organize my shoes, but seeing creative solutions like this have helped me come a long way.

Share with us, how do you store your shoes?!

- Shop Girl

Shop Girl is a resident of good ol’ Canada (eh?) and writes in to share her experiences with shoe shopping on a budget. Shop Girl will be writing in every other Friday, so keep an eye out for her witty and informative posts to get you through the weekend! To catch her inbetween posts, visit her personal blog – iHeartMyShoes.

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Suziann58 August 27, 2011 at 6:11 am

I absolutely LOVE the shoe solutions pictured above… if I only had room for the chests and/or shelves to put them on!!! (I’ll have to think on that one!) And I’m in a house (with a hubby) – not a tiny apartment – and I still don’t have enough room for my clothes, shoes, & handbags (my favorites!) Hubby wants to keep EVERYTHING!!!

I have come up with a couple ideas for the clothes & purses: since I’m retired & don’t dress up each day, if I haven’t used an item for 10 yrs. (ridiculous, I know!) & there just taking up space in my closet – donate them to the Salvation Army (as these are still nice blouses & dressy slacks, jumpers, etc.; as for the purses, in my back hall I have put up flat boards with coat hooks on them! Then if I’m having company (rarely anymore), I can just put the purses in a small cedar-chest type item for the evening, and hang the guest’s coats on the hooks ~ plus I also have a hall tree!! I do have tons of purses, all styles & colors, etc.!!

I think organization is the key to this, & I’m just not a very good organizer!!!



Shoe Digest August 29, 2011 at 10:18 pm

What a great idea with the coat hooks Suziann! Feel free to post pictures of your wonderful organizing idea on our Facebook Fan Page: – we want to see your genius at work!

Thanks for commenting ;)


MsLark August 31, 2011 at 3:35 pm

I just found a solution that I love: Crate & Barrel has shoe organizers that hang from the clothes bar in my closet; I was able to fit 20 pairs of shoes in a tiny space in my closet. I was going to build cabinets but this solved the problem so nicely that I don’t need the cabinets after all.


Shoe Digest August 31, 2011 at 4:22 pm

What a great tip Ms. Lark! Those of you who are trying to imagine what she might be talking about, please see the image below:

Crate & Barrel 20 Section Hanging Bag

Photo from
Thanks for commenting Ms. Lark!


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