Keeping Your Feet Smelling Fresh

by Shoe Digest on December 15, 2011

Guest Post by Isabella Woods

We all know how revolting a pair of smelly feet can be. Having smelly feet can be embarrassing, especially when the stench fills a room and other people begin to comment on the nasty aroma that you have treated everyone to. Most people have suffered from having smelly feet at some time or another, and if you haven’t, no doubt you have had the displeasure of smelling a pair at least once.

The good news is that smelly feet can be treated, and by taking a few simple steps you can avoid having smelly feet altogether. The first thing to do is understand exactly why feet become smelly and to eliminate these factors.

What causes stinky feet?

The most direct cause of bromodosis, the medical term for smelly feet, is wearing the same pair of shoes everyday combined with excessive sweating through your feet. Sweating a lot through your feet is very easy, seeing as your feet have more sweat glands than any other place in your body – including the arm pits, though admittedly sweat patches on your t-shirt are more visibly noticable. Some people are more prone to sweaty feet, including pregnant women, teenagers, people on their feet all day, and people suffering from stress. There is even a medical condition called hyperhidrosis, which people who sweat more than average are diagnosed with.

Having sweaty feet combined with wearing the same shoes day in, day out is the perfect combination for smelly feet. When sweat soaks into shoes and they are put back on before the sweat has time to dry, the conditions are ideal for your feet to become smelly. Bacteria thrive as shoes become damp with sweat, and if the shoes are not dried out properly the bacteria keep on growing. When you put them back on, the bacteria break down the sweat coming from your feet and that’s when a nasty odour is released.

Ways to prevent your feet becoming smelly

One sure way of stopping yourself from ever having smelly feet is by never wearing the same shoes on two consecutive days. By changing your shoes regularly you give them time to dry out, and bacteria does not have the chance to build up. Also, try not to wear shoes that are too tight, because your feet will become much hotter and sweat more.

The other important thing is to wash and dry your feet every day, along with changing your socks. Cotton or wool socks are much better than nylon socks for preventing the onset of smelly feet.

It might be the case that you’re doing all this already but still suffer from sweaty feet. Well there are plenty of products that can help you.Medicated insoles are a great way to keep you shoes smelling fresh when your feet are sweaty, and they also help to absorb some of the sweat. Cedar soles are especially effective, and are made of natural anti-fungal cedar wood. They have a pleasant menthol aroma and will combat fungal build-up.

Another way to try and stop your feet sweating is to spray them with antiperspirant deodorant. You don’t need to buy any expensive type that is especially formulated for feet, just use the same stuff you would spray under your arms.

The best remedy to beat smelly feetimage of woman's foot

All of the things already covered should stop your feet from ever emitting a cheesy pong, but if you already have smelly feet there is a quick to fix it.

A special soap that is very effective at killing the bacteria responsible for smelly feet is Hibiscrub soap. Wash your feet with the soap and leave a lather of the soap on your feet for around two minutes before you wash it off. Do this once in the morning and once before you go to bed and your feet should be smelling fresh within just a week. Just make sure that you don’t start wearing your smelly shoes again though, and remember to rotate which pair of shoes you wear every day so that your feet stay fresh.

There are all sorts of specialist medications, sprays, creams, and powders that can help to cure smelly feet, but often people ignore the reason why feet become smelly in the first place. Regular washing, clean socks, and not wearing the same shoes for two consecutive days should stop you ever having them.

Isabella Woods is a professional writer for numerous websites and publications.

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Marge December 15, 2011 at 3:32 pm

Isabella, I use a new shoe insert product called Silver Linings. They absorb excess sweat and get rid of odor and bacteria using silver ions. I use them when I don’t wear socks with my shoes, and they keep the insides of my shoes from getting dirty and smelly.


eveline January 10, 2012 at 6:34 pm

Hi Isabella, where do you buy “Silver Linings”


Jesse January 1, 2012 at 12:22 am

Lalvilin foot deorderant is a great product.


teenage 2012 horoscope March 10, 2012 at 4:42 am

thanks, nice informations


Meryl April 25, 2012 at 3:50 pm

I’ve tried these cedar soles from zederna. Very astonishing effect! These insoles refresh my feet (and shoes) in a completely new way! Thank you for this tip here!


Jake August 21, 2012 at 10:45 am

I use Odaban (£7.65) which is an excellent product. It is so excellent my feet feels completely 110% dry. It was first prescribed to my by a doctor but
I think it blocks the sweat pores and prevents the feet from sweating, because i just feel my feet cant breath.

There is this new product im using now from Boots its called ‘Boots Advanced Footcae 24 hour foot odour protection spray’ (£4.95) This product does not dry out the feet and DOES let the feet breath and it sweats but theres no stinky smell, so far so good, im on day two of using it.

Scholl foot spray commonly found in pharmacies (NOT Scholl shoe spray) does not work. I tried it, i think that may only work for people with very minor sweaty feet. For me Scholl foot spray only works for about 3 – 4 hours maybe not even half a day and it costs around £3.00

Recently i have also been prescribed Hibiscrub but i cant always be bothered to wash me feet, i prefer the spray. Also its bit embarassing when you live with other people they know why you’re washing your feet…’the guy with the stinky feet..’ whereas the sprays are discreet.


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